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Lets code for better life.

At Biocodez, we aim to holdup various levels of stakeholders those who are enthusiastic in biocomputing and related realms.

We take pride in providing

  • Technical support for setting up large-scale computing platforms/online portals for fostering breakthrough research, innovative ideas and

  • Assistance for experiencing cross geographical exposure and opportunities in the frontier areas of computational biology.

Biocodez will render services for capacity building of young aspirants through the conduct of Online Hands-on Training Programmes and Biocodez MOOCs. We also lend assistance to build academia industry interlinkages, organizing webinars and hands-on workshops on the impact of emerging trends in computational biology.

In the modern era of Genomic data science and the data intensive scientific discovery, Biocodez congregates the expertise of biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians to develop proof of concepts and prototypes for your products and services from the design thinking perspective .

Biocodez aspire to extend assistance for building high-performance computing platforms to solve real-life problems particularly in the areas pertaining to health analytics and epidemiology which would be beneficial for the masses

At Biocodez, with its storing industry partnership, we aim at promoting innovations and entrepreneurship for developing biocomputing, bioengineering and biotechnology based products and services in the sustainable development outlook which will be highly essential for better life.

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We will help you out to continue your higher studies in India and abroad, to upskill with our MOOCs, connect researchers with specialized domain knowledge, to set up your research lab, to find your next collaborator, to verify sources of information and many more !!!

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